Partnering For Progress

Partnering For Progress

Based on the successes achieved through the Western Union Foundation partnership with UNICEF, as part of the Western Union PASS initiative, the diaspora has spoken and we have listened.

Intervention research, done through UNICEF Jamaica, has shown that the major barrier to keeping children schooled in rural Western Jamaica often simply boils down to the costs of transport and meals. Many families, like Rogina’s and Romaine’s, can only afford these costs two to three times per week—ultimately affecting their attendance and performance in school. According to UNICEF, the typical cost for a child in rural Western Jamaica to get to school and have at least one meal there is $5/day or less.

Our goal - to reach 10,000 members of the Jamaican diaspora to donate $5 or more from October 1, 2015 through December 30, 2015 to continue to fund the work by UNICEF Jamaica.

Where available, no-fee* transactions through Western Union Quick Collect or a Quick Pay transactions is also enabled for the same time period from participating Agent locations. Instructions for how to donate through a Quick Collect or a Quick Pay transaction from participating Agent locations can be found below:

Donors will need to complete the Western Union blue Payments or Quick Collect form, using the company name "ENTER NAME" and the code city, "ENTER CODE CITY." Please write in, "UNICEF JAMAICA" as the account number.

*Western Union makes money on the exchange of currencies.

Donate Now

Through these donations through the Western Union Foundation, the Jamaica diaspora and other interested donors, help UNICEF JAMAICA fund programs that promote education in rural  Jamaica.


The Western Union Foundation is happy to assist on these efforts; however neither the Western Union Foundation, the Western Union Company or any of its affiliates are committing to raising any specific amount of money for UNICEF JAMAICA or to match any donated funds received through this Donate Now option or through Quick Collect transactions.


Donate Now


Keep up-to-date on contributions and how your donation is making a difference for students like Rogina and Romaine at: promoting_quality_education_31035.htm.

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