Leveraging Your Impact

Pooling funds. Matching donations. Choosing the right NGOs.

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Through the donations of Western Union, its employees, Agents and friends, the Western Union Foundation helps to fund programs that promote education and create economic opportunity around the world.


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Together, our experienced team chooses the projects and programs we fund, pooling our donated dollars to help people most in need across the globe. And, since administrative costs and salaries are paid for by The Western Union Company, 100 percent of the donated funds we receive actually go toward providing grants to carefully researched and evaluated non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  • By pooling donated dollars, our grants can reach more people
  • We do the homework, choosing the best NGO for the projects we fund
  • By donating to the Western Union Foundation, 100 percent of your funds go directly toward education and economic opportunity projects across the globe
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