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Western Union - Ashoka Executive in Residence program

Read about how Western Union and the Western Union Foundation teamed up with Ashoka to create an executive in residence program.


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Every year, around the world, Western Union employees volunteer thousands of hours of their time to help out in their local communities. They understand about doing the right thing and want to lead by example - improving our world by giving back to the communities we serve.

We provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for employees:

  • VolunteerMatch — An online service that connects employees with volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

  • Paid Volunteer Day Off — Each calendar year, U.S. employees are eligible to take a paid day-off to volunteer for a qualified non-profit organization.

  • Donations for Doers — If a U.S. employee tracks 50 hours of volunteer service between January 1 and December 31 of the same calendar year to a qualified non-profit organization, the Foundation will award a $500 donation to the organization.

  • MicroMentor — A free online service that connects small business owners with business mentors.

  • Western Union Board Placement — The Western Union Foundation supports and provides a multitude of resources to encourage employees to act as board members for qualified NGOs.

  • Foundation Ambassadors — Select Western Union employees that volunteer to help provide a local presence in the communities we serve, build stronger relationships between the Foundation and employees company-wide, leverage the skills and resources available within the company and broaden the reach of the Foundation.

  • Ashoka — The Executive in Residence program utilizes employees to help address urgent social problems such as access to education and economic empowerment.


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